Video of the Memorial Service for Lydia (part 1); includes the main portion of the service; Mary Kate Farley-Dimino, Peter Hadley, Troy, and Lori Baeumler each spoke, followed by an instrumental song played by Nate on his guitar, and then Vincent Gillespie (Lydia’s brother) spoke and led a short lovingkindness meditation for Lydia; Linda Sarage (director of the Recover Project) MC’ed the event:

(NOTE 1: This author has learned that Peter Hadley, who speaks in the above video from 6:30 to 10:30, engaged in some very disturbing and wrongful conduct relating to Lydia.  To read more about this go to the page titled PETER HADLEY’S ABUSE OF LYDIA.)

(Note 2: in the foregoing video in the lovingkindness meditation session [28:30 through 36:00] it is a bit hard to hear some of the lovingkindness phrases that were used.  If the reader would like to see them in writing go to the About Lovingkindness Meditation page.)


Video of the Memorial Service for Lydia (part 2); includes members of the audience standing up and speaking about Lydia:


Video of the Memorial Service for Lydia (part 3); includes more people in the audience standing up and speaking about Lydia, plus everyone singing Amazing Grace, and the conclusion of the formal portion of the memorial service:


Video of the Memorial Service for Lydia (part 4); short video of the flowers at the service and the urn which contained Lydia’s ashes:


Video of the Memorial Service for Lydia (part 5); short video of people mingling right after the formal service:


Video of the Memorial Service for Lydia (part 6); short video of some of the notes, pictures and displays that were set out at the memorial service:



Gary Miller (left), unknown woman (center), Peter (right), and the cake that Peter made:

Peter and the cake


Flowers from the memorial service:

016  018 019 memorial service flowers 001 memorial service flowers 002 memorial service flowers 003 memorial service flowers 004 memorial service flowers 005 memorial service flowers 006 memorial service flowers 007 memorial service flowers 008 memorial service flowers 009


  1. Kim Bonavita says:

    Thank you to all Lela’s friends and family for making this memorial so special. So happy I was there with my good friend Donna to say Good-by. You were not just family to me Lela you were there so many times for me; you made me and all your friends feel so special and loved. I love and miss you Lela and thank you for being my best friend. RIP


  2. Madeleine says:

    This is an absolutely beautiful service! I wish I could have been though, even if somewhat out of place (having not seen Lydia for decades since childhood) .We traveled in recovery in parallel. She was smiling and had hauntingly huge dark eyes, in my memory of her when we were young. The loving kindness meditation, which I have followed along with today, weeks later, felt lovely and loving. Thank you! Madeleine


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